We Do More

More Time. More Care. More Outreach.

More Implementation. 

Your Time Is Valuable

We are a concierge level financial planning service committed to exceeding expectations and delivering a legendary experience. Our policy is that you will receive a return call or email by the next business day.

Working With Us Is Easy

We develop a complete financial picture within your Prentice Playbook to build your foundation with achievable goals. We review and optimize plan performance and meet with you, at least annually, to discuss your year.

The Future Is At Your Fingertips

The Prentice Playbook is a living document designed to translate the complicated into confidence. Financial liberty is achieved when you can enjoy a life well-lived while we actively manage your plan.

Implementation Matters

We focus on making your plan a reality. Your team is here to provide individualized attention and to coordinate any action steps along the way.