Your Servant Leaders

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Kaleigh Prentice

Andrew Prentice

Melissa Johnson

Wendy Wyatt

Our team is committed to ensuring you get the right strategy, plan, and attention according to your unique needs using a servant leadership model. We will collaborate with you and foster a relationship based on trust, service, and transparency. 

A Family Owned and Operated Firm

We started Prentice Financial Planning to set the bar for financial planning services in Olympia.  We combine expert financial advice with a process-driven approach to managing wealth. We enjoy delivering on our servant leadership model by keeping our business client-focused. We are obsessed with every detail of your financial life so you don’t have to be. We know the value of enjoying time with your loved ones.

The Bishop’s Piece

People have asked where the bishop piece logo comes from and it is a combination of three answers
(feel free to pick the one you like best):   

1. The professional answer – Bishop comes from a Greek word meaning overseer,
and we take great care in being an overseer of our client’s well-being.

2. The heartfelt answer – Bishop is Kaleigh’s maiden name and since she took Andrew’s last name when they
got married we needed a way to represent her contribution to the business.

3. The fun answer – Deep down in the depths of the internet, Andrew once found that Bishop loosely translates to
“messenger” or “runner” and being a running family we thought a bishop chess piece was all too appropriate.

Community Focused and Service Centered

Throughout the years we have given our time and treasure to many passion projects focusing on food security and education.

Thurston County Food Bank

Food security is a high priority for the Prentice family. Andrew joined the Thurston County Food Bank Board of Directors in 2013 and has served in various roles.

Each year we invite our family and team to join us in support of the organization and their dedication to eliminating hunger for families in Thurston County. Find out more about Thurston County Food Bank at

Pope John Paul II High School

We are committed to supporting education within our community. This investment of time and resources multiplies and benefits our society as a whole.

Learn more about the school at 

Prentice Racing

Both Andrew and Kaleigh come from a competitive running background. They have volunteered, sponsored and participated in many events.