Long-term investors who have $500,000 or more saved in their retirement and investment accounts (excluding real estate).


Organize your finances and highlight where Prentice Financial Planning adds value to your life.


Make a well-informed decision when evaluating Prentice Financial Planning as a partner.

No Cost Or Obligation

We want to learn as much as we can about your financial situation before deciding if our expertise matches your needs and concerns.

The Prentice Playbook

We will introduce you to our advanced financial planning process which incorporates each facet of your financial plan into one complete and organized document.

Am I A Good Match?

Our Typical Clients

We partner with clients who want a trusted servant leader to whom
they can delegate their financial affairs while they focus on doing what they love.

Minimum Initial Investment


Fee Structure

1.5% on the first $850,000 and under

0.9% on the value between $850,001 and $1,500,000 

0.1% on anything $1,500,001 and over

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