Recap on the CARES Act

The biggest stimulus package to ever be signed into law happened Friday, so I wanted to write a quick recap of some of the items that will affect many of my clients. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but will give your average individual an understanding of how they might be able […]

Do a Portfolio Review!

A traditional stock and bond portfolio has done well over the last decade, but with valuations for US stocks at historical highs and bond yields at historical lows it may be tough for the same portfolio to repeat in the next 10 years. Now is a great time to review your portfolio to see if […]


Just this past month congress passed the SECURE act, which is one of the biggest rule changes I have seen to retirement planning since I began in the industry. In total it is the right direction to help and incentivize people to plan for their futures, but more will definitely need to be done. Here […]

How to Read a Prospectus

We get these thick booklets mailed to us at least annually, and usually they go directly into the recycling bin. Being an advisor, I hope clients read them and understand them, but in reality they are not entertaining to read; unless you understand the inner workings of a fund it is going to be like […]

Do you have an Aging Plan?

No one likes to think about getting old, but it’s an eventuality that we cannot escape. Sooner than later we should start thinking about how this process will affect our lives, the lives around us and put together a plan to deal with these changes, also known as an aging plan. An aging plan is […]

Is Diversification Dead?

With recent wide performance differences between stocks (16.07%) vs. bonds (-4.00%), US (16.07%) vs. Non-US (-1.61%) stocks, and Information technology sector (30.21%) vs. Consumer staples sector (-1.4%) is diversification dead? Should we no longer spread our portfolio out among different asset classes, geographic regions or sectors? If you use history and probability to build a […]